Your Ablis™ Family

Jim Bendis (The Shaman)
Jim Bendis (The Shaman)Founder / CEO
“As the patriarch of the Ablis family, my job is to steer the philosophical direction of growth. More about helping people and sharing the love.

The way I follow my Ablis is solo moving meditation runs in nature.”

Max Bendis (It's Max ;)
Max Bendis (It's Max ;)COO / President
Ashtyn Ryan (Mama Roo)
Ashtyn Ryan (Mama Roo)National Director of Sales
Jason Harlowe (Cyber Jedi)
Jason Harlowe (Cyber Jedi)Director of Technology
“I am here to bridge the divide between nature and technology.

Harmonious coexistence of the energy that we grew from to the future we see before us.

My Ablis is all about humans helping humans build healthy, personable and positive interactions for years to come.”

Sophie Cloyd (Queen in the north)
Sophie Cloyd (Queen in the north)Director of Operations